S*** Happens

One thing that we as people hate is change.  Change in any form leaves me feeling anxious! I constantly go to the same places to eat and order the same things because I know that I will always enjoy it, and there is no mystery involved.  I buy the same brands over and over again because I fear change, and discomfort. Ok, so I am a control freak… No big secret!  But, I heard a psychologist once say that our culture has produced a society full of unhappy people because we have provided them with so many options that they constantly feel as though they are missing out on something.  Many have anxiety that they have made the wrong choice or are looking for THE BEST OPTION, and  often we rarely find satisfaction in the final outcome.

From the deodorant we buy to the jobs we choose we are left restless, scared, and sometimes maybe even a bit resentful with the plethora of choices we have made.  I have lived around the world, and I have learned that consistency is privilege. In our Western context we can safely control our elements and choices.  We are slaves to our own comfort, and it has left us miserable.  God has called us to risk, to live joyfully, and to live abundantly.  Abundance does not mean super-sized consumerism, but rather abundance in joy, creativity, and love.  It is the joy of swimming in mystery that life can bring, and loving every second of it.

The beauty of creation is not that we get to exploit its resources but rather it draws us out into the chaos of creation, and teaches us to dance in its mystery and wonder.  One of my favorite sayings is , “shit happens” and it is learning to take the “shit” and watching it become fertilizer. It soon becomes nourishment for something new and beautiful to blossom.

As someone who often is satisfied in my own comforts I no longer want to hold on to everything that brings me such satisfaction.  As we as a nation continue to confront a world that has become so complicit that it would permit such hate to lead my country,  I feel deeply compelled to be a voice calling for change and justice.  It is privilege that brought us to this stressful place as a nation… the privilege of not voting, of not speaking out against complicit and corrupt legislators.  Its been a every person for themselves sort of agenda.  But if there is something that I have learned over the past two years is the deep need we have for one another.  The need to show up at Black lives matters rally, and support DACA marches, and school board meetings for Transgendered students… it all matters!  At times even as a public figure it might become uncomfortable and difficult to stand on the front lines of such tension.  Yet, how many times in scripture do we see God send people to the frontlines of conflict, and protest, and use them for transformational good.

It might be easy to become discouraged in these times, but my faith tells me that even when things seem to have withered and died, resurrection is sure to come!  May we use these deeply difficult times to rise up together, to be proclaimers of love, kindness, justice!  May from the shit in which we endure lead to an overgrowth of hope, togetherness, and love.IMG_4867

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